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The Bayard Family was a family which is the heart of the Shadow Lake mystery. They are only mentioned in Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake.


The Bayards were the wealthiest family in the area, and they lived on the island out in the lake they owned. Their mansion was the only building on it, and they lived there year in and year out with their servants.

Members of the Baby-sitters Club spend the night on the island the mansion was on. They discovered that the house had burned down, but learned that nobody knew how the fire had started.

Family Members[]

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bayard
  • Annie
  • Ethan

Family History[]

The Bayards were a strange family since they rarely left the island. They sent the servants ashore for food and supplies. Annie and Ethan studied at home with a governess. Very few people knew the Bayards well. One who did was Stephan Weeks. He went to the island regularly to help the gardener and to make repairs in the house. That was how he had met Annie, and soon they had fallen in love.

One day, not long after Stephan had proposed to Annie, he realized that he had not seen any of the servants onshore recently, so he took a boat to the island (the Bayards had no telephone) to make sure everything was all right. And what he found was . . . nothing. Every single person who had been living on the island – the Bayards, the gardener, the servants – had vanished. The house was still there and nothing in it had been stolen or damaged. But the people were gone. And no one had any idea what had happened to them. Stephan guessed that somehow they had disappeared the night before when a raging storm blew in. But how? And if they had died, where were their bodies?

Ever since that happened, whenever a storm stirs up the lake, people around here can hear moaning and wailing, and they say they see shadows in the water. They think the lake is haunted by the spirits of Annie and her family. The island, too.


  • Dawn Schafer finds Annie's locket in the ruins of the burned down mansion. She kept it after spending the night on the island and returned it to Annie's fiance, Stephen.