This book is a comprehensive guide to all of the people and places ever mentioned in the Baby-Sitters Club series through September of 1996. It also includes a full color map of Stoneybrook.

Back Cover SummaryEdit

Within these pages, you'll find:

  • Club Facts: A complete listing of all of the BSC's rules, regulations, and positions, as well as the entire history of the club
  • BSC Members: Extensive biographies of all the BSC members — including their school classes, descriptions of their rooms, boyfriends, interests, and more
  • BSC Family Members: Parents, siblings, pets, grandparents — practically a family tree for each BSC member
  • BSC Clients: The full BSC client list, just like the Baby-sitters' own record book
  • Other BSC People: A listing of nearly everyone in Stoneybrook, including all the students and teachers at SMS
  • Places: All the Stoneybook streets, schools, playgrounds, and stores — even the Washington Mall
  • Things: Includes books, music groups, TV shows, toys, and games from the BSC
  • Beyond Stoneybrook: All the details of Dawn's California home and Stacey's New York City life, as well as other exciting BSC travel spots!

You'll discover all this, and much, much more, inside The Complete Guide to the Baby-sitters Club. Every BSC fact and figure is included, as well as an all-new map of Stoneybrook, and page references so you can look the facts up on your own. It's all in here — the book that no true BSC fan can live without!

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