The Greenbrook Club is a club located in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

It was originally called the Dark Woods Country Club that was very exclusive and discriminatory. It was forced to close 20 years ago due to lawsuits.

The club was restarted with new owner Nikki Stanton-Cha. It will be open to anyone in the community with low membership fees.


The club is located within biking distance of Mary Anne Spier's house.


The club is described as having a winding drive that leads to an imposing main building which is built of stone and overlooks the open, rolling golf course.

There are tennis courts to the right of the building. An outdoor pool lies to the right of the courts. The pool is drained during the winter weather.

The area is carefully landscaped with shrubs & trees and formal garden area complete with fountains & benches.

The garden maze is old-fashioned and made of high hedges. The bomb shelter is located in the center of the maze.

There is a small pagoda-like building near the tennis courts and a maintenance shed located behind the main building.

The club will have new changing rooms by the pool and a golf clubhouse.

The interior of the main building has a large hall, dining room, a cozy sitting room and fireplaces.

The wine cellar is located in a dank, dim basement by the stairs inside the kitchen door.

One of the rooms will house the Greenbrook Kids Club that will have ping-pong tables as well as a place for karate lessons.

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