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The Kids in Ms. Colmans Class was a spin off of Baby-Sitters Little Sister series. These twelve books revolve around Ms. Colman's classroom at Stoneybrook Academy. It is the ninth BSC book series, followed by California Diaries and succeeded by the graphic novels.

List of Books[]

  1. Teacher's Pet
  2. Author Day
  3. Class Play
  4. Second Grade Baby
  5. Snow War
  6. Twin Trouble
  7. Science Fair
  8. Summer School
  9. Halloween Parade
  10. Holiday Time
  11. Spelling Bee
  12. Baby Animal Zoo

List of Students[]

The Kids in Ms Colmans class school picture illustration

Class picture illustration found on the first page for each book in the series. The picture shows Ms. Colman and sixteen students, missing Pamela Harding and Addie Sidney.

Spotlighted Students[]

Number Title Student in focus
1 Teacher's Pet Nancy Dawes
2 Author Day Ricky Torres
3 Class Play Leslie Morris
4 Second Grade Baby Natalie Springer
5 Snow War Ian Johnson
6 Twin Trouble Tammy Barkan,
Terri Barkan
7 Science Fair Bobby Gianelli
8 Summer School Audrey Green
9 Halloween Parade Hannie Papadakis
10 Holiday Time Sara Ford
11 Spelling Bee Hank Reubens
12 Baby Animal Zoo Pamela Harding


  • Student Kate Gibbel is named after the daughter of one of author Ann M. Martin's friends, Lisa Holton, who was the president of Scholastic’s trade and book fairs division. Second Grade Baby is dedicated to Kate Gibbel and Science Fair is dedicated to her brother, James Gibbel.