The Perkinses are a client family of the Baby-sitters Club. They move to Stoneybrook into the Thomases' former house on Bradford Court. The family consists of Mr. Perkins, Mrs. Perkins & their 3 daughters: 5 in-a-half-year-old Myriah, 2 in-a-half-year old Gabbie, and infant Laura.

They have a dog named Chewbacca (nicknamed "Chewy") and two cats named R.C. and Socks. Their house was next door to the Spiers until they moved into the Schafers' house after Mr. Spier got remarried. They now live next door to the Hobarts.

Their backyard is fenced in because of Chewy and his leash is kept in a mudroom. The girls have a playroom and they like to color at a pink & white table with pictures of Barbie dolls all over it.

Myriah & Gabbie love babysitters and they usually race to the door when a babysitters comes. The Perkins girls are considered bright and talented. They enjoy memorizing and performing long songs & making recipes which they call "cooking with real ingredients." They are popular in the neighborhood for all the long songs that they know.

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