Jessi Ramsey Family Portrait from 1991 Calendar

Jessi's family portrait in the 1991 BSC calendar.

The Ramseys are the family of BSC member Jessi Ramsey. They originally lived in Oakley, New Jersey, but moved to Stoneybrook in book #14.

Jessi's family consists of her dad John Ramsey, her mom Janice Ramsey, her sister Becca Ramsey, brother Squirt Ramsey and aunt Cecelia Parker.

Everyone in the Ramsey family is naturally thin (except for Aunt Cecelia). They have a station wagon.


The Ramseys live at 612 Fawcett Avenue (which is Stacey McGill's old house). It is located around the corner from The Johanssens' house. Jessi's parents set up a practice area in the basement for Jessi to practice her ballet.

The house has a rose garden that Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey work on every weekend. The house has a fenced-in backyard, two picnic tables and a fir tree. It also has an answering machine that allows you to monitor room noises.

House RulesEdit

  • No miniskirts
  • Short phone calls
  • No watching horror films
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