The Record Book is an item that The Baby Sitters Club members use very often, especially Mary Anne Spier. It has all the information about the kids they look after that they need to know:

Names, addresses, phone numbers, ages, rates they pay, favourite foods, favourite drinks, favourite toys and games, favourite activities, family and siblings, parents' jobs, personalities, allergies, medical information, and any other things they need to know.

It is looked after mostly by Mary Anne, the secretary, who writes down the information, but the treasurer (Books #1 - #13 and #28 - #83 and #87 - the last book Stacey McGill, and Dawn Schafer from Books #14 - #27 and #84 - #86) writes down some information in the money section, that has the rates the clients pay, how much the BSC members have made overall, and some other money information.

The Record Book was thought up by Kristy Thomas, BSC President and Founder.

It is also the place where Mary Anne schedules the BSC members' sitting appointments. The BSC members' schedules are written down, such as when Claudia Kishi has an art class, Mallory Pike has a dentist appointment (she has braces), when Jessi Ramsey has a dance class, when Kristy has softball practice, and all the other commitments they have.

The Record Book is big and fat. It is also neat and tidy. The information is updated often.

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