The Rodowskys Edit

The Rodowskys are a family consisting of Shea (9), Jackie (7), and Archie (4) as well as Mr. and Mrs. Rodowsky that live on Reilly Lane. They are all described as having red-hair, and freckled faces.

Shea who is 9 actively participates in Little League as well as having lessons at the YMCA with his younger brother Archie. Jackie is literally the most accident-proned kid (nicknamed the walking disaster) has a pet grasshopper Elizabeth and a hamster from the Mancusis pet. Jackie usually manages to get his hand stuck down the drain, break something, and spill something all over the carpet. It would be a miracle for Jackie not to make a mess for a whole day.

Jackie and his brother Archie, are also part of a team called Kristy’s Krushers that usually verse Bart’s Bashers.

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