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This article is about the episode. For the graphic novel, see The Truth About Stacey (Graphic Novel). For the original novel, see The Truth About Stacey.

"The Truth About Stacey" is the third episode of season 1 and the third episode overall of the Netflix reboot. It is based on the third book of the original series, The Truth About Stacey.

Episode Description[]

As competition heats up for the BSC, Stacey attempts to hide a personal secret and revisits a painful event from her past.


The episode starts at Claudia's house, with the Baby-Sitters watching an ad for a rival baby-sitting service in called the Baby-Sitters Agency on an iPad. Kristy says she was the one who came up with the slogan "need a sitter," which the rival service stole. Claudia adds those girls look like they are definitely in high school and asks why they don't just loiter at the mall like normal teenagers. Mary Anne asks if people are going to want to hire them instead of the Baby-Sitters Club.

Stacey realizes they are in trouble right away and reluctantly tries to tell the other girls it's nothing to worry about. Kristy asks Mary Anne to read their upcoming jobs and Mary Anne tells them where each of the Baby-Sitters will be working that week.

The Baby-Sitters all get excited over the Newton family's new baby that's on it's way. Kristy says with all the new jobs they are thriving, the Baby-Sitters Agency doesn't stand a chance, and they just want a piece of the action. She continues saying they need something to separate themselves from the competition and suggests the new idea of Kid Kits.

Kristy goes on to explain what a Kid Kit is. She takes a box from under Claudia's desk and empties it. As she is refilling it, she asks Mary Anne why she loves coming over to her house so much. Mary Anne responds it's because her house doesn't smell like a teenage boy, which Kristy says is fair but not the answer she was looking for. She goes on to explain that it's because Mary Anne's father owns every board game known to man. Kristy remarks that she is sure Stacey has tons of great stuff at her house.

Stacey says she would love to have them all come over, but her mother is wanting them to finish the bathroom renovations first.

Kristy continues on and suggests they could fill the boxes with fun things, such as their old toys for the kids and what they don't have could be supplemented with club dues.

As the girls discuss and get started making their Kid Kits, Stacey narrates that it would be a lot harder to hide her insulin pump if her friends came over. Stacey and her mother are shown in a mall fitting room, where Stacey is trying on different clothes to see what clothes her insulin pump can be hidden under. It is revealed that Stacey was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes six months ago. She explains that her pancreas doesn't make insulin, which is needed to live.

Stacey has to wear her insulin pump and watch her diet, otherwise she could end up in the hospital. Even worse, once people know she has the disease that's all they think about. Stacey feels as though her mother is ashamed of her and as much as they both wish things could go back to normal, Stacey is stuck this way.

Stacey gets startled when she sees Kim Newton, Jamie's mother outside the fitting room and explains to her mother that Kim is a client. Stacey tells Kim the Baby-Sitters are all excited to meet the baby and Kim responds they will just have to visit after the baby is born. Stacey's mother tries to reassure her that Kim probably did not see the insulin pump. However, that is not what worries Stacey—it's the fact Kim used the word "visit" instead of "baby-sit." Stacey just assumes it is a slip of the tongue until she visits Charlotte Johanssen.

Stacey is seen at Charlotte Johanssen's house for a baby-sitting job. She brings her new Kid Kit with her which excites Charlotte, who is happy and excited to see Stacey, who is her favorite sitter. Stacey starts to feel faint, so she drinks apple juice to keep her blood sugar elevated. Charlotte asks for juice and her mother walks in saying not everything Stacey has is meant for her. Stacey says it's okay, and Charlotte excitedly says she will make jewelry out of the beads Stacey brought with her in her Kid Kit. Charlotte's mother tells them to have a good time, and for Charlotte to be good before she leaves.

In the park, Charlotte asks Stacey if she can play on the playground and Stacey gives her permission. Charlotte returns with a balloon with The Baby-sitter's Agency logo on it. Stacey goes to the playground and confronts the older girl named Lacy Lewis, who is handing out the balloons. Stacey informs her that she stole her idea from The Baby-sitter's Club. Lacy retorts that ideas are not intellectual property, she's doing the club, and doing it better. Lacy goes on to explain that she has a driver's licence and does not have a curfew. She welcomes Stacey to the free market.

Stacey wishes Lacy best of luck and says The Baby-Sitters Club Clients are completely satisfied with their services. Lacy advises Stacey she should try supporting women and that when one of them succeeds, they all succeed. Lacy tells Charlotte to enjoy the balloon. Stacey says Charlotte doesn't even really want it and hands it back to Lacy. This causes Charlotte to start crying and asking if she's bad, not understanding why Stacey does not want her to have the balloon. Stacey gives Charlotte the balloon back. As Stacey and Charlotte walk off, Lacy says "may the best baby-sitter win."

Stacey texts the rest of the members saying that the Baby-sitter's Agency is coming for them, and they need to mobilize. Kristy and Claudia attempt to hand out flyers on the street however, as they approach a yoga class in the park it appears that their competition is one step ahead of them as the the members are seen with various merchandise with the Baby-sitter's Agency logo on it.

The Baby-sitters Club is seen getting calls for the Baby-sitter's Agency and being sent on fake jobs, while the Agency is seen scooping up the real ones for themselves.

Jamie stays over at Kristy's house while his mom is in labor. Kristy tells her mother they are saved, as the Newton baby is a savior sent down to Earth to put the club back into business. Kristy says she will call Kim now so that they will be booked all week. Her mother tells her not to harass Kim and let her deliver her baby first. She suggests that perhaps Kim may want an older, more experienced baby-sitter seeing that newborns are a lot of work.

Kristy decides to call the first ever emergency meeting of The Baby-Sitters Club while her mother makes Jamie some food. During the meeting, at Kristy's house she tells them the agency is moving in on their turf, so they need a new plan. The club is the best idea she ever had and does not want to lose it. Mary Anne says it's the only reason her dad ever lets her leave the house. Claudia says she needs the money and Stacey almost says she doesn't want to lose her new friends but gets distracted by Kristy's brother Sam entering the room with his guitar. Kristy introduces the two of them to each other.

Stacey questions Sam on what he knows about the Agency girls Michelle Patterson and Lacy Lewis. Sam tells them they have started a baby-sitting group and refers to it as a genius idea. Kristy punches her brother in the shoulder, telling him the older girls stole their idea. Mary Anne then says Kristy's own brother doesn't even know what their club does. Kristy responds saying they need something big, she then questions how much a billboard costs.

Mary Anne tells her it would be a lot of money and the other girls agree. Stacey realizes she wasn't just swooning over Sam, her blood sugar level was dropping. She makes an excuse that she needs to leave to walk her dog and heads home to eat an apple. Her mother walks into the kitchen and Stacey tells her that her blood sugar has dropped a little, but she's fine now. Stacey's mother tells her that she's going for an emergency consult at Stamford as she does not seem fine.

Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia continue to try to get business for the Baby-Sitters Club but are unsuccessful. They decide to head home after being told they look stupid.

The Baby-Sitters are seen walking together and they discuss whether to cancel that day's meeting due to not having any business. They then see Jamie playing with his truck out on the sidewalk. Kristy tells him he can't be playing outside unsupervised. He tells her that his new Baby-Sitters said he should go outside and play alone.

The girls go inside and confront Lacy who is with her boyfriend on the sofa. She tells them Jamie is fine and she doesn't know what they are talking about. Stacey calls Kim and reports the negligence of Lacy.

As revenge, Lacy sends a viral video of Stacey going into an insulin shock. At the Baby-Sitters Club meeting she finally tells the other girls the truth about her diabetes and admits she lied because she was afraid of her friends laughing at her. The girls then decide to hold another emergency meeting of the Baby-sitter's Club, but this time with the parents of their charges involved.

At the meeting, Stacey explains that the video was of her going into an insulin shock. Stacey says she is much better now and can take care of their kids and herself. The parents express their doubts about Stacey being able to look after their kids. Stacey admits that they can't know that for sure, but not to punish the rest of the club members for it. She tells them she can resign from the club if having her makes them uncomfortable.

Peggy Johanssen, Charlotte's mother stands up and says she is an endocrinology specialist at Stamford Presbyterian and she noticed Stacey's insulin pump right away. Peggy says Stacey is more mature than most kids her age, as she witnessed firsthand her ability to watch after Charlotte while simultaneously being able to handle her symptoms. The parents then do mention the good things the Baby-sitter's Club has done with their kids.

One of the parents says she only uses the agency because they can stay out late. Kristy asks her mother about her curfew and her mother tells her they will discuss it. Stacey realizes she belongs not just to the Club but also to her community and they like her just the way she is. Stacey has now decorated her insulin pump with rhinestones. She asks her mother if she was ashamed of her, and her mother tells her that she just wanted to make sure Stacey never got hurt again and wanted to protect her.

The Baby-Sitters Club finally gets their business back and even some new clients.

The girls go to the Newton's home to meet baby Lucy. On the way there they discuss their birth stories. The episode ends with Kim handing Lucy to Stacey and Stacey welcoming Lucy to Stoneybrook.


Similar to Source Material[]

  • On the IMDb page, Charlotte Johanssen is only listed in episode three. Which is the first book she's predominantly in the regular series.
  • In the book, Stacey did mention that she had an insulin shock at school before. However, she wasn't made fun of for it.
  • Kristy comes up with the idea for Kid Kits
  • Lucy is still born in the episode, and Jamie comes over while his mom is in labor

Difference from Source Material[]

  • Liz Lewis and Janet Gates are renamed to Lacy Lewis and Leslie Gates, respectively. The latter is likely meant to be an amalgam of Janet Gates and Leslie Howard from the books.
  • Stacey had already told the girls about her having diabetes at the end of the first book.
  • It is revealed in the first book, when Stacey tells the girls she has diabetes that it's Kristy's cousin, Robin, who has diabetes, not Claudia's cousin.
  • The plot that was used in the book, which is about Stacey being dragged from doctor to doctor to find a cure for her diabetes and Stacey doing what she can to get her parents to stop doing it, is completely dropped.
  • Along with the main plot of the novel being dropped, so is Stacey's parents allowing her to be included in the decisions regarding her health care. It is not explained in the reboot series whether or not she already has this choice but it can be assumed she does as she is allowed to go to Sea City in the episode “Boy-Crazy Stacey”.
  • In the books, Stacey has to give herself insulin injections at home. Because of the setting update to 2020 and advancements in medicine, Stacey now has an insulin pump.

Pop Culture References[]

  • When Kristy snarks about her mom's engagement ring and asks her if she's going to walk one step behind Watson all the time, Elizabeth sarcastically says yes and adds that she would like to be referred to as "Of Watson," a reference to The Handmaid's Tale.
  • When Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne are advertising with their sandwich boards, Mary Anne says this is her nightmare, and compares Kristy to "one of those It clowns bringing terrors into the daylight.”

Songs Used[]

  • "Hollow" by Gotta featuring Kite
  • "Made of Steel" by Stefany June


  • This is the debut episode for, Malaika Jackson (Mrs. Papadakis), Kareem Malcolm (Other Parent), Krista Magnusson (Mrs. Rodowsky), Naomi Tan (Charlotte Johanssen), Connor Wong (Luke Howard), Kenya Jordan (Michelle Patterson), Lyric Kennedy (Teen heckler in car), and Ben Cockell (Caleb).