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The Winter War also known as the Winter Carnival is an event held by the students at Stoneybrook Middle School, which is hosted at Leicester Lodge in Vermont. It is only shown in Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation.


The entire school is divided into two teams at random; a red and a blue team. In Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation. Kristy Thomas is captain of the blue team, she also volunteered to help organize the entire winter war. Winners of the Winter War get a coupon for a free slice of pizza at the Pizza Pan.

Students get extra credit for participating in roles running the war. Mary Anne Spier is going to be the carnival historian. Claudia Kishi volunteered to judge the snow sculpture contest Mr. Cheney is another judge. Jessi Ramsey is in charge of talent night with Ms. Halliday.

The Red Team won the ice skating competition, cross country skiing, and the snow sculpture contest.

The Blue Team won the snow ball fight and the downhill skiing competition.


  • Ice skating contest - is held Wednesday morning
    • Contests include: speed in a fifty yard dash, relay race, and an obstacle course is the tie breaker.
  • Snowball fight - from 2-3 on Wednesday afternoon. This is also a game of capture the flag using tennis balls rather then flags.
  • Snow sculpture contest - is held Wednesday afternoon
  • Downhill skiing competition - is held on Friday morning
  • Cross-country skiing competition - is held Friday afternoon


Blue team members

Red Team Members


  • This is the first time Mallory and Jessi go on an overnight school trip.
  • Stacey participated in all the events except the cross country skiing competition.
  • Stacey, Mallory, and Dawn are not getting extra credit since they're not helping run the events.
  • Jessi is the first sixth grader to handle running talent night.
  • No one had volunteered to be historian when Mary Anne was in the sixth or seventh grade.
  • Kristy couldn't identify what Jessi and Mallory were making in the snow sculpture contest.
  • Dorianne Wallingford didn't participate in any of the events along with a bunch of other kids.