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The Thomas Family is Kristy Thomas' paternal side of her family. There is little mention of them throughout the series, but Kristy knows about them.


Patrick Thomas has a brother named Ray mentioned in Kristy's Big News. Patrick said they had a disagreement, and when he sent Ray an invitation, he sent back best wishes but said no way. They are currently estranged from each other.

His mother is a widower and mentioned in both Kristy's Big Day and Baby-sitters on Board!. She died somewhere between these books and Kristy's Big News, since its mentioned she passed in the former. Kristy suggests going up in the attic and look through that trunk of antique toys that they got from her in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls when she and the BSC were bored. In Kristy's Big Day, Kristy says "Last year, out of the clear blue, Grandma – my other grandmother – sent us all these funny dress-up clothes. Some of the clothes would be perfect for our wedding." They use her old dress up-clothes for the fake wedding with the playgroup. In The Summer Before Kristy said that her grandmother used to shout "school's out, school's out, teacher wore her bloomers out" but had no idea what it meant. Her grandmother gives Kristy a book for her 12th birthday in The Summer Before.

Robin is presumably Ray's daughter and Kristy's favorite cousin. His side of the family lives in western Connecticut as mentioned in The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter.

Kristy Thomas has a vague mention of her dad talking about a great-great aunt Mary, however that could be her thinking about the missing fortune in Kristy and the Missing Fortune.

Family Members[]


  • Kristy attempts to connect her family to Christina Thomas in Kristy and the Missing Fortune. Whether or not they are related is up to debate. It's unclear why Kristy didn't try to contact her uncle or ask her mother about that side of her family.
    • Kristy and her immediate family could be related to Christina Thomas. Mary Anne, Claudia, and Kristy never found info about Scott's family during their research. It's unclear where Patrick and his brother grew up.
  • It's said in Kristy's Big News that her father's parents died before she was born, however, her grandmother is mentioned a couple of times in the series.
  • In Mary Anne and Camp BSC, Mary Anne notes that he has a new family out in California. It's likely he has step-children or a child of their own from the union. By BSC in the USA they are separated.
  • On page 104 of Claudia and the Sad Good-bye, Claudia narrates that Kristy hardly ever sees her father's parents implying that they are alive in this book.