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Thrash is a surfer that who is only seen in Dawn and the Surfer Ghost.


Sunny Winslow calls Thrash the hottest surfer around. He disappeared and everyone thought that he either drowned or got attacked by a shark. The police started to search for evidence but didn’t find anything. Dawn Schafer and the after school group saw him surfing late one night and rumors spread that it was a ghost. Dawn thought that it was Thrash’s ghost after he was murdered, and that his spirit was going to haunt the beach under the murderer was caught.

Thrash faked his own death and started working at the concession stand on the beach undercover. He knew who was sabotaging him, Gonzo, and wanted to get back at him. He was convinced to working with the police to have Gonzo arrested.

He’s last heard going to Australia.  


  • He is about twenty years old, and tall – maybe six feet two – with shoulder length white-blond hair. He was incredibly tan, and his blue eyes were intense in his brown face. He had three holes pierced in his right ear and two in his left – one more than Dawn has. He wore a wild-looking copper ring that looked like a snake twining around his middle finger. When he faked his death, he cut his hair and dyed the rest.
  • His surfboard is purple, with black designs that looked like primitive tribal tattoos.
  • He’s mentioned to be a loner
  • Thrash calls Dawn Schafer Kelea who is a legendary Hawaiian princess who made friends with the water god