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Timmy Hsu is a neighbor of Karen Brewer on McLelland Road. He is the younger brother of Scott Hsu and member of the Hsu Family. He goes to Stoneybrook Day School as mentioned in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers.


In Karen's Newspaper, his grandparents visit from China. He talks with them in Chinese and he can speak it fluently.

In Mary Anne to the Rescue, Mary Anne baby-sat him and his brother. They went to Melody Korman's pool to go swimming. When he was unsupervised he fell into the pool and nearly drowned until Mary Anne saved him.

He participates in the neighborhood nativity play in Karen's Angel. Timmy was also part of All the Children of the World that the BSC helps organize.

Timmy's bike was stolen in Karen's New Bike and went on a search with David Michael, Scott, Karen, and Hannie. His bike gets recovered by the end of the book.