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Tyler Kendall is a fifteen year old actor introduced in the California Diaries series.


He is very handsome and is from Santa Claus, Indiana].


Reporters often follow him around. In Maggie, Diary Three, he meets Maggie Blume. He acted in his fathers movie, Love Conquers all, and acted with Felicia Hope. He meets Maggie and asks her to help him do a scene. Maggie starts visiting Tyler on set, and they go on a disastrous date. Maggie starts resenting Tyler because he is famous, but starts to like him. They kiss at the end.

Tyler revealed he didn’t want to act the rest of his life, but he really wanted to become a veterinarian, like Maggie.

Tyler and Maggie date for the rest of the series. Maggie is devastated when he has to leave for 5 weeks for filming. Tyler really cares about Maggie, but they sometimes worry if they are going too fast. Tyler is also friends with Amalia Vargas and Brendan. He and Maggie both resent Felicia Hope.


  • He is on the cover of a lot of magazines.
  • He was in an action movie before Love Conquers All called Protect and Serve.
  • He is idolized by Jill Henderson, Peg, and her friends.
  • He has a younger brother named Teddy, whom he had given his turtles to.
  • Maggie helps him rehearse his scenes.
  • Zeke and Tyler have been e-mailing since the party.
  • He has a dog named Coffee and a border collie that works on the farm. They have cats as well.