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U4Me is a rock band. The group is a favorite among teenage girls, especially Stacey McGill. They are first mentioned in Stacey and the Bad Girls and last mentioned in Stacey the Math Whiz.


They originally started as a garage band and Stacey has those tapes still.

The lead singer is Skyllo, whose real name is Aristotle Dukas. Their hit song is "I Don't Wanna Say Good-bye." Ran Philips is another U4Me singer, he just shaved his head. Their latest album is U & Me 4 U4Me.

They once skipped a whole weekend at Madison Square Garden because Skyllo sneaked off to go skiing.

Stacey McGill goes to one of their concerts in Stacey and the Bad Girls with Sheila MacGregor, Mia Pappas, and Jacqui Grant. The girls get caught by security with alcohol at the concert and forced to go home. After the concert Stacey realizes that they could no longer be friends.

In Stacey the Math Whiz, Mr. McGill gets tickets to one of their concerts intending to go with Stacey. Stacey has a Mathletes final competition at the same time. Stacey tells him to give the tickets to Samantha Young's niece instead.


  • Most boys tend to hate them.
  • MTV did an exclusive interview with Skyllo that Stacey had recorded, Stacey calls him hunky and his fan club has a waiting list.