Mallory!!! (:

I just want to say I love the pike kids!!!! They`re so funny and amazing.

Mallory is the coolest Bsc girl. She is fun loving,Awesome,And very pretty. I would love for her to be one of my friends. Talk about her new haircut which is a 50 % on the cute hairstyles meter. I also love Claire Pike (silly-billy-goo-goo)....where in the world did that come from? The triplets are cool (most of the time). But vanessa and her rhymes (that`s my girl right there!!!). Like, O CHRISTMAS TREE O CHRISTMAS TREE IF I CUT U DOWN DON`T FALL ON Me....LOL........I especially gotta thank the author for making such amazing books. I wish i thought of the baby-sitters club though XD Ann.M.Martin got me loving reading more and more and making my own books. I`m going to make a book similiar to the babysitters club. About a group of girls who form a dancing club or something. Okay anyway U gotta love the pike kids. I mean who doesn`t love the Pike kids??????????? Fix your eyes AND YOUR BRAIN IF YOU DON`T XD Love ya Mallory,Vanessa,Nicky,Claire,And Margo. (ADAM JORDAN AND BYRON....out of the question XD)

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