Vanessa Pike is Mallory Pike's 9 year old sister. She has 7 brothers and sisters in her family. Vanessa's brothers are Jordan Pike, Byron Pike, Adam Pike, and Nicky Pike. Her sisters are Mallory Pike, Margo Pike, and Claire Pike. She lives with her family in Stoneybrook, Connecticut, where she was born.


Like all the other Pikes she has blue eyes and dark chestnut (sometimes described as brown) hair. Vanessa, like Mallory and Nicky, wears glasses.


Vanessa is a daydreamer and is often lost in her own little world. She loves writing poetry and reading and is a little like Mallory. She wants to be a poet and speaks in rhyme often, which drives everyone crazy. When Mallory wrote a play based on her family, Vanessa became "Ranessa." Mallory used one of Vanessa's poems in her play.

She shares a bedroom with Mallory. She is a slow-poke and has to be woken up 20 minutes before everyone on school days so she can be ready for school on time. She'd ask Mallory if the weather was sunny or cloudy before getting up so she'd know what to expect when she got up. When Mallory left for Riverbend Hall Boarding School, she got her own room for awhile, but then she shared a room with Margo and Claire. Nicky now gives her the weather report.

She entered her family into a contest about having an old fashioned Christmas and won, leading to the family being followed around by cameras for a holiday season.

Vanessa and her family have gone on vacation to Sea City, New Jersey, every year for a long time. She once had a crush on Chris at the ice cream palor in Sea City and writes him poems. He thinks that Mallory wrote them. Vanessa decides not to correct him and writes one last poem pretending it's from Mal.



  • Pow the family's basset hound.
  • Frodo a hamster.


  • Poetry, she keeps a fat notebook with all her poems.
  • Her favorite activity is sitting somwhere in private and writing poetry
  • Dusting is her favorite chore



  • She lost a tooth in a candy bar.
  • Vanessa is not athletic and a dud at sports but is competitive
  • Doesn't speak in rhyme when she's upset.
  • Takes violin lessons.
  • Dressed as one of the Tree Stooges with Charlotte and Hayley to cheerlead Krushers' World Series.
  • Temporarily becomes ex-best friends with Hayley after the two of them wear the same swimsuit to Stoneybrook Day Camp.
  • She once skided on bike into a cherry tree at the end of the driveway and sprains her ankle.
  • When her dad loses his job she acts as "Miss Vanessa" and styles hair on the playground to earn money.
  • Vanessa had the chicken pox.


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