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Vanish is a local band that Amalia Vargas and Maggie Blume is part of in the the California Diaries.


The band is first mentioned in Maggie (California Diaries). Vanish is mentioned to be to pretty good and Maggie Blume is asked to audition as a singer.

They practice in Rico Chavez's garage



  • Calico Rat Love Blues
  • Fallen Angel
  • Hook Shot
  • Hey, Down There
  • This is War
  • Friday Night Blues
  • Slow Down
  • Touching
  • You're Mine
  • Rock It


  • Their back up singer just quit in Maggie (California Diaries).
  • According to Maggie, Patti drums like a pro and Bruce's bass playing is solid.
  • Rico's parents hangs out with the band.
  • Amalia Vargas likes to go to band practices.
  • They won second place at the battle of the bands in Maggie (California Diaries).
  • Homecoming is the first gig Vanish books with pay; they make 500 dollars.