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Victoria Elizabeth Kent or Vickie is a sitting charge of the Baby-sitters Club. She is orignally from England and lives in America for six months. She was introduced in Mary Anne and the Little Princess and leaves in Mary Anne and the Playground Fight.


Victoria has brown shoulder length hair and dark eyes.


She is the only child of Sir Charles and Lady Kent and 29th in line for the English throne. At first she didn’t like living in America. The kids at school would ignore her and she's afraid of getting close to people because they might leave her (or she'll leave them). Victoria really missed spending time with her parents who were always busy.

In Mary Anne and the Playground Fight she has a hard time leaving Stoneybrook. She eventually comes to terms with it. She and Abby Stevenson also start to become friends. Victoria looks forward to seeing the BSC when they visit London in Baby-sitters' European Vacation.


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