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Vista Private School is a school in Palo City, California where Dawn Schafer, Jill Henderson, Sunny Winslow, Amalia Vargas , Maggie Blume, and Ducky McCrae go to school.


The school has three buildings: an elementary school building (pre-school to grade 4), a middle school building (grades 5 to 8), and a high school building (grades 9 to 12). It is surrounded by a courtyard in the middle. In Dawn (California Diaries), eighth-grade students are now in the high school building due to overcrowding.

Kids can eat lunch outside in the courtyard.

In The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, it was mentioned that they did a Save The Whales project. The seniors took boats into the ocean so people could observe the humpbacks. They donated the money at they made the Whale Foundation.

In Farewell, Dawn it's mentioned that they start a week before Stoneybrook Middle School.




The school is a bunch of small one-story buildings grouped in a star shape around a big courtyard filled with flowering bushes and juniper trees. There are skylights in all the classrooms. There's a bench by a huge bougainvillea, which is Dawn's favorite spot in Dawn and the Surfer Ghost.

A dome shaped area in the ceiling is mentioned in Maggie (California Diaries).

There's a big palm tree outside the front of the school mentioned in Sunny, Diary Two.


Inner Vistas is the school magazine. Parker Price is the editor-in-chief, she hopes that Maggie Blume will take the position one day in Maggie (California Diaries).

Student Officers[]

In Amalia, Diary Two, Amalia narrates that she's the student government president.

Athletic Department[]



Clubs and Organizations[]

Last year the high school drama club put on a production "The Class Menagerie" and Justin Randall played a role called the gentleman caller. Mrs. Dunlap plays the piano for all of school musicals since Jack Schafer went to school there as mentioned in Maggie (California Diaries). They also did a production of Mame.

When Dawn Schafer helps Maggie Blume look for another extracurricular to join she suggests French Club, Astronomy Club, and the cheerleading squad.


Administration & Staff[]

  • Mr. Dean - principal
  • Unnamed headmistress (CD#1)
  • Mr. Schildkraut - school newspaper advisor
  • Mrs. Dunlap - piano player for school productions


First Grade

Eighth Grade

  • Mr. Swanson - Eighth grade English (BSC#98)
  • Mr. Hackett - Eighth grade English (CD#2)
  • Ms. Whalen - Eighth grade Math (CD#2)
  • Mr. Leavitt - Homeroom teacher (CD#2)
  • Ms. Carter - Eighth grade science (CD#2)
  • Ms. Newell - Eighth grade English (CD#2)
  • Ms. Sevekow - Eighth grade math (CD#3)
  • Ms. Fong - Eighth grade English (CD#14)

Tenth Grade

  • Ms. Krueger
  • Ms. Patterson - Tenth grade math (CD#5)
  • Ms. Turnbull - Tenth grade English
  • Mr. D'Toole - tenth grade chemistry (CD#10)


  • Mr. Pearson - Orchestra teacher
  • Mr. Colker - Drama club teacher
  • Mr. Schildkraut - Unknown (CD#4)
  • Mrs. Barkley - unknown (CD#7)
  • Ms. Sevekow - unknown (CD#9)
  • Ms. Dephillips - unknown (CD#14)


Fifth Grade

Eighth Graders

Ninth Grade

Tenth Grade

Eleventh Grade

Unknown Grade



  • In Claudia's F̶r̶e̶i̶n̶d̶ Friend, Dawn had a friend that has dyslexia. She remembers her as a real brain, a very intelligent person. She could figure out how anything worked, but she had trouble reading basic instructions. She took some special classes for awhile, and she started tape recording all her regular classes because she took notes so slowly. She was building a sailboat when Dawn left and said she was going to finish it in time for high school graduation, and then plan to sail around the world someday.
  • In Dawn (California Diaries), a student named William Barton attended elementary school with Dawn. It's unclear if he's still a student there or not.
  • Students are assigned to write in journals starting in kindergarten and ending senior year.
  • Some upper classman have hazed the eighth graders in Dawn (California Diaries). The teachers were investigating who was responsible for a party where the eighth graders were brought to the police station.
  • There's class funds for each grade that goes to their end of the year trip.
  • The school allows laptops in class according to Maggie in Maggie (California Diaries).
  • The eleventh graders lunch is a period after the eighth graders in Amalia (California Diaries).
  • There's a Valentine's Day bake sale in Amalia (California Diaries) and the money is used for gym repairs.
  • They host a homecoming bash in Amalia, Diary Two.