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The Walker Family is an African-American family from New York City that live in Stacey McGill's old apartment building in Apartment 18E.


The couple gives Stacey two matted and framed pictures done by kids as going away gifts in Welcome Back, Stacey!. They always leave out paper plates & plastic utensils when a baby-sitter is going to feed the children.

Mrs. and Mr. Walker have a joint exhibit at the Fitzroy Gallery in Stacey's Broken Heart. They get so busy that they ask Stacey if she would be in New York to baby-sit.

It's mentioned that the kids never just sit down in front of the TV and stare at it. When they turn it on, they work on a project at the same time in Welcome Back, Stacey!. They also have a huge collection of books.

Family Members[]

Apartment Description[]

The Walkers' apartment is described as being filled with sculptures, wall hangings and modern artwork.

The apartment rooms are the same arrangement as Stacey's old apartment, but their dining room has been changed into an studio; they are no curtains or windows on the windows. Mr. Walker's easel and chair are on the left side of the studio while Mrs. Walker's slanted desk is by the window on the right.


  • Mr. Walker's first name is first revealed in Stacey's Broken Heart. He also calls Stacey by her full name in the book.
  • Grace never likes her parents to leave and usually cries, even though she usually likes her sitters in Welcome Back, Stacey!.