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Washington Mall is a large shopping center in Stamford where many of the BSC members and other residents of Stoneybrook do their shopping. It's a half hour away from Stoneybrook. It is first mentioned in The Truth About Stacey.


It's mentioned in several books that it has a giant fountain when you walk inside that sprays pink water.

In Mary Anne and the Little Princess, Mary Anne notes that it's one of the biggest malls in the country. It has five levels on the biggest on this side of Connecticut according to Mallory Pike in Mallory on Strike.

In The Truth About Stacey, Kristy Thomas tells Stacey McGill that it has four movie theaters, video game arcade, petting zoo, and an exhibits area.There's also a French cafe on the top level.

Some shops are part of project work as part of SMS's Short Takes class.


In Mallory and the Trouble with Twins, Mallory and the BSC members go there for the day as a club activity, and Mallory, Jessi, Dawn and Claudia all get their ears pierced at the piercing boutique.

In The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, the special events office hosts the "Winter Wonderland" where kids can meet Santa. Ms. Dawn Cerasi is responsible for hiring and Marv Howard played Santa. Lear's department store has run a "North Pole Village" in past years. Mary Anne gets a job as part of the event as an elf to pay off a credit card bill.

In Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall students from Stoneybrook Middle School get jobs at some of the stores as part of the Short Takes class and Kristy Thomas works with mall security. The mall manager, Mr. Morton, gets caught for stealing. There has been a rash of shoplifters recently. A kids drop of center is also added at the mall by the end of the book. It's mentioned that prior to the stealing, the mall was in financial trouble, almost on the verge of going bankrupt.

The North Pole Village is hosted at the mall in Mallory's Christmas Wish, where Santa gets a chance to meet local kids.It appears inside Lear's department store after Thanksgiving. When you step pas Wonderland Gate, you follow a winding pathway though a snowy fantasyland. Christmas carols play over the speakers as you walk past hard working puppet elves, clanking machinery, gingerbread houses, a reindeer stable, a post office stuffed with mail and tinkling bells. Over it all is a blue black rooftop with glittering stars.

Rita's Bridal Shoppe makes wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses to order according to Dawn in Mary Anne and the Great Romance.

Zoo Animals is a toy store mentioned in Mallory on Strike.

In Karen's Cartwheel, a new toy store had just opened called Toy Palace. This is where Karen Brewer, Hannie Papadakis, and Nancy Dawes picked out Terry Doll and called them the doll sisters.

In Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum, there's an event held where kids could get a video of themselves made. Claire Pike makes a video of her dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

In Kristy and the Sister War, Claudia and Kristy go shopping for an outfit for a double date. Kristy complained about she couldn't stop anywhere else. Kristy ends up getting a date outfit from Macy's.


There's an unnamed business that prints custom t-shirts mentioned in Aloha, Baby-sitters!.


  • Orange Julius
  • Casa Grande
  • The Cheese Center
  • Donut Delite
  • Friendly's (M#1)
  • Just Desserts
  • Tortilla Queen
  • Ying and Yang
  • Burger King
  • Mr. Pretzel (M#1)
  • Wok 'N' Roll ([[FF#6)

Other Businesses[]


  • In Dawn and the Junk Food Kids Ying and Yang is a health food place. There's also a store that specializes in selling train toys.
  • There's a video arcade somewhere in the mall.
  • There's an unnamed pet store and magic shop
  • Ms. Garcia is in charge of security in Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall. Mr. Williams, who manages the Cheese Outlet, and Ms. Snyder, a salesperson at Lear’s also works at the mall in this book. Mr. Williams quits to become the full time director of the daycare center.
  • In Kristy and the Sister War, it's mentioned the Cheese Outlet gives out free samples.