Watson Brewer from BSC book 81 cover
Watson Brewer is Kristy Thomas's stepdad and the father of Karen Brewer and Andrew Brewer.

His first wife was Lisa Engle. He lives in a big mansion on McLelland Road. His new wife is Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer. They got married in book 6, Kristy's Big Day. He adopted a 2 year old girl named Emily Michelle Brewer. He is 37. He is mostly bald. In book 81, he had a heart attack and quit his job so he could take care of the kids. He later goes back to work. He has glasses. He is his own boss at work, so he can create his own hours. Karen and Andrew live with him almost all year, apart from holidays.

Watson is very sweet and kind. He is very friendly and cares about his children. He called Kristy his daughter.


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