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Watson Brewer from BSC book 81 cover

Watson Brewer is is a member of the Brewer/Thomas Family. He is married to Elizabeth Brewer. He is Kristy Thomas's stepfather and the biological father of Karen Brewer and Andrew Brewer. He lives in a big mansion on McLelland Road.

Appearance and Personality


Watson wears glasses and is mostly bald.


Watson is very sweet and kind. He is very friendly and cares about his children. He called Kristy his daughter. He is good at running and organizing things. In Kristy and Mr. Mom Kristy notes that he doesn't give up easily.


Watson was born and raised in Stoneybrook, in his family home sometime in March which is mentioned in Karen's Island Adventure, where he celebrates his birthday. He attended Baylor University with his friend Chet Romney as mentioned in BSC in the USA. Watson later returned home where he founded Unity Insurance and became a CEO. Before he met Lisa when he lived by himself, Watson brought Boo-Boo the cat home from an animal shelter. He grew up in the mansion he lives in the series.

His first wife was Lisa Engle. Sometime after they divorced, he married Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer in Kristy's Big Day. They adopted a 2 year old girl named Emily Michelle Brewer. Karen and Andrew live with him almost all year, apart from holidays.

In Kristy and Mr. Mom, he had a heart attack and turned over his job to his vice president so he could take care of the kids. He later goes back to work. He has to exercise and start a healthy-heart diet, and cut out stress.

In Stacey and the Fashion Victim he smokes cigars. He doesn't smoke that often and isn't allowed to do it inside. He participated in the Stoneybrook Smokeout, organized by the BSC. Watson dressed up in his best clothes and buried his cigars in the backyard as if it was a funeral.

In Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer, he talks with Elizabeth about training a guide dog. He keeps Scout's bed in his home office.

In Kristy at Bat it is shown that he is a fan of Bill Bain, who was his favorite baseball player since he was a kid. Watson signed himself and Kristy up for Bill Bain's Dream Camp in Delaware. While at the camp he was down about meeting his hero but came to have fun. Later Bill apologizes and during the last inning, he high fives Watson and gets his memorabilia signed.

He volunteered to rent carnival rides and hire the people who operate the rides in Welcome to the BSC, Abby. Charlie, Sam, and Kristy will be selling tickets for the rides helping him out.

Watson creates a scholarship for Madame Noelle's dance school the Stamford Ballet School. The scholarship was offered to two students, Martha Roberts and Devon Ramirez in Jessi and the Awful Secret. The scholarship, named after him and Elizabeth, was called The Watson and Elizabeth Brewer Scholarship.

In Karen's Sleigh Ride, Watson donated the rest of the money needed to rebuild the Stone's barn.

Watson loans his Nikon camera to the BSC in Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph so they could make a photo album to send to Dawn Schafer.

He knows all the town officials and helps get the Free Babar walkathon off the ground in Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery.


Watson is CEO of Unity Insurance which has its main offices in Stamford. It is multi-national with over 600 employees.

After his heart attack in Kristy and Mr. Mom he works three hours a day. He spends the rest of the time with his family. He is his own boss at work, so he can create his own hours. His vice president handles day to day tasks and he handles anything bigger.

In BSC in the USA, Kristy narrates that he does some consultant work sometimes.



  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Baseball
  • Estate sales
  • Birdwatching
  • Books
  • Bill Bain (#129)
  • Tennis (LS#48)



Media Portrayals


Watson is played by Bruce Davison.

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)

Actor Mark Feuerstein plays him in this series. He is 9 of the 10 episodes in this series. While in the books he is balding, in this show he still has all his hair. He also doesn't wear glasses.



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