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The Wayne Family is a family that only appears in Karen's Cowboy.


Jon and Kate Wayne run Arrow-A a dude ranch in Colorado. It has been part of the Wayne Family for the last hundred years.

Annie Hancock is Jon's great-grandmother who was born in 1872. She is remembered for being a wonderful hostess at the ranch. A man named Horace Brighman wrote an article about her life for the local historical society. Annie had come from Tennessee when she was nine years old. They had settled on a small plot of land ear what is now the ranch, when one day Annie was playing in a cave and picked up a solid silver nugget the size of her thumb. With the money from the nugget, Annie's family was able to buy most of the land that makes up the ranch. As a special present her parents bought her a fancy bow and arrow set. Soon after Annie met Jeremiah Wayne whose family had come to Colorado in the silver rush. They didn't find much silver, but they had stake out a small ranch next to the Arrow-A. When they grew up Annie and Jeremiah married. The two ranches merged to become the largest ranch in that part of Colorado. it was only years later, when Annie was an old woman, that she was forced to sell off part of the ranch that had originally been the Waynes' property returning the Arrow-A to it's original size.

It's said that her spirit haunts the mine.

Jenny Webb and Karen Brewer find the article and share it with Jon, convincing him that he was great at running the ranch.

Family Members[]

  • Jonathan (Jon) Wayne
  • Kate (Jon's wife)
  • Jeremiah Wayne (Jon's great grandfather)
  • Annie Wayne (nee Hancock, Jon's great grandmother)