The Baby-Sitters Club Wiki
The Baby-Sitters Club Wiki

The We ♥ Kids Club is a baby-sitting club started by Sunny Winslow in California after hearing about the BSC.


The club itself is very informal and easy going. There are no regular club meetings and double bookings happen with some regularity at first. When the BSC comes out to visit, Kristy is appalled at how laid back the club is. Business boomed for the W♥️KC after they were featured on the local news, which made Kristy rather jealous. That same television spot led to the club adopting some rules.

They put on a Halloween for the kids in Dawn and the Halloween Mystery.

They give Dawn a copy of Kids Can Cook...Naturally and a file of handwritten recipes in Dawn on the Coast. They kep a healthy food cookbook, in which each member constantly updates a file of recipes in Dawn and the We Love Kids Club.

The club have snacks during meetings that tend to be fruits, nuts, and yogurt.

By the beginning of the California Diaries series, the We ♥ Kids Club is no longer active.


  • Weekly meetings are at Sunny's house
  • Keep an appointment/record book