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Wesley Ellenburg was Stacey McGill's student teacher in Stacey's Big Crush. The kids can call him Wes.


He is 22 year old and is said to look like Tom Cruise. Wes has wavy light brown hair and blue eyes. His height is 5'11 and 161 pounds.


Wesley is a student teacher from Stoneybrook University working on his master's degree. He takes over Mr. Zizmore's last month of math class. Stacey has a crush on him and gives him a poem telling him she loves him.

His favorite subject is math. He likes his class to be fairly informal with lots of question and discussions. He taps the side of his chin when he thinks. He calls on Stacey to work out hard problems. Wes gets the highest recommendation possible from his students.

Wes has a battered silver gray Toyota with a Stoneybrook University sticker across the rear windshield and calls it "Winston."

He dances with Stacey in Stacey's Big Crush at the dance and later said to her, "Stacey, you are the smartest, prettiest girl I've ever seen, but 9 years is too big a difference. Besides, you're only thirteen."

In Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, Wes is a new teacher and takes over as a replacement for Mr. Zizmore when he moves to Texas. He went to the party for Mr. Zizmore. He also mentions he hadn't found a full time job since graduating and decided to apply for the position.