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The Winslow Family is a family that lives in California. They live down the street from Dawn Schafer and make appearances in both The Baby-Sitters Club and California Diaries books.


The family originally moved to Palo City from Oregon, Dawn Schafer was excited to make a new friend in her neighborhood in Dawn's Book. They are introduced as hippies, with Mr. Winslow's hair in a ponytail and both Sunny and Mrs. Winslow barefoot and wearing long dresses (which looked like nightgowns to six-year-old Dawn). When they first moved in, they danced on the front lawn together.

In Dawn and Too Many Sitters, Dawn says Mr. and Mrs. Winslow never completely grew out of being hippies and describes them as "warm and kind and youthful". In Sunny (California Diaries), she says they are two of the nicest, most balanced people she knows.

Family Members[]

Immediate Family

Extended Family

  • Robin - Betsy's younger sister who died shortly after Sunny was born.
  • Morgan - Betsy's other younger sister.
  • Betsy mentions a third sister (presumably older) and a brother in Sunny, Diary Two
  • Betsy has an aunt Mel and uncle Rick and their children Caroline and Peter
  • Grandma and Grandad Winslow- Paul's parents


Mr. Winslow planted white flowers in the shape of a peace symbol on the front lawn as mentioned in Dawn's Book. Later, they eventually let their grass grow with a mix of wildflowers. Their house is described as being similar to Dawn's California house, but with two levels instead of just one. In Dawn's Book, Dawn talks a little about how the house was furnished when the Winslows first moved in. They had no television (they believed it rotted people's minds), a couple of big bean bag chairs instead of a couch, and spider plants. Mr. and Mrs. Winslow had a waterbed (which Dawn thought was weird as she'd never seen one before) while Sunny slept on a regular mattress on the floor of her room. Sunny's toys were all made out of wood (Dawn felt sorry for her at first, but Sunny insisted she liked her toys). In Dawn and Too Many Sitters, it's revealed that the Winslows have a basement, where Betsy had a pottery studio. They also have an attic, where Betsy stored her wedding dress in Sunny, Diary Three.


  • Their first car was a small banged-up red thing painted all over with brightly color flowers and white peace symbols. When they got a new car they didn't paint on it.
  • Mrs. Winslow and Sunny both know how to use Morse Code and tie-dye curtains, bedspreads and T-shirts together.
  • They don't encourage using weapons as toys.
  • Sunny and her parents know all of the constellations.
  • By the time Sunny is in fifth grade, her parents aren't as hippie-ish as they once were.
  • They would ride bikes around town together in Dawn (California Diaries).
  • Mr. and Mrs. Winslow spent a summer at a Buddhist retreat.
  • When Mrs. Winslow presumably got sick they got in contact with a wills and estates lawyer.
  • Mrs. Winslow is in charge of preparing meals and paying the bills.
  • Meditation was one of Mr. and Mrs. Winslow's favorite pastimes during their hippie days.