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Young Author's Day is an event held at Stoneybrook Middle School in Mallory on Strike.


Mallory Pike enters her story for the contest portion of the event. Everyone else in her creative class enters as well. She writes her short story Stuck in the Middle and wins best overall fiction. The event made Mallory feel like a real author. This is the first award that she won.


Pamme Reed, the author of Bradley and the Great Chase, is going to talk to the assembly first.

After that comes the awards portion of the program. After that, people can look at all of the entries on display, while some of the students take the afternoon workshops. Then Pamme Reed will be autographing her books in the library.

Mr. Taylor introduced Hand Jive, a puppet group from New York City. The group presented a short show about how reading can stimulate the imagination.

The first workshop was called, “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.” It was offered by an illustrator who showed everyone how words and drawings can make a story progress.

The second workshop was about what happens to a book when it is published. Mallory had never dreamed how many steps a book had to go through before it got to her. The woman giving the workshop, who’s an editor at a big publishing company in New York City, told us it usually takes a year from the time an author sells the book to a publisher until it ends up in bookstores.

While the workshops were going on, the school had opened the cafeteria, where the work of every student who participated in Young Authors Day was on display. The stories ranged in length from just a few pages to a short novel. All of them had brightly colored covers. The judges had given many of the booklets blue stickers for honorable mention. There were red stickers for third-place winners, silver stickers for second-place, and beautiful shiny gold stickers for the first-place winners.