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Zoey Thomas (née Amberson) is the third wife of Patrick Thomas. She married him in Kristy's Big News and only appears in the Friends Forever series.

Physical Appearance & Personality[]

She has short light brown hair with blond highlights and some gray strands in her hair. Kristy likes her and calls Zoey very strong minded and efficient. From her picture Kristy says that she's just as tall as Patrick and has a strong build.


Zoe had met Patrick while he was at a cooking class and she was taking a restaurant management course. She cares and loves for Patrick. However, she has a no-nonsense attitude towards him as well and doesn't take any guff from Patrick and ignores him when he sulks.

Patrick had told her everything that happened with Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and his kids after she had forced him into telling her.

They work together at her restaurant, with him as the head chef.


  • She is mentioned in Claudia and the Friendship Feud inviting Charlie, Sam, and Kristy over for Thanksgiving but it was too late to arrange the plans.
  • Zoey owns a restaurant called The Greenhouse.
  • Her dad married four times and she catered the fourth wedding a few months ago.
  • The Glory of Their Times is her favorite baseball book.
  • Her mother's name is Jeannie and her grandmother is Mrs. Argos.
  • Jessica Sara Klein is her best friend and bridesmaid.
  • She wants to have children.
  • She's an Oakland fan.
  • Zoey and Patrick walked down the aisle after the ceremony to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
  • She's the one that left her car and directions to the house so Charlie could get to the house.